The chronicles of adding raw food to my diet

On this blog, I'll post about the transition to a more raw food based diet. Check back often for posts on raw foods that I'm eating!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

mmmmm chocolate......there are many things you can do with raw cocoa, one which is make raw chocolate cookies.
I found a recipe by raw food chef Matthew Kenny, and changed it up to suit what I had in my pantry. Chef Kenny is an amazing raw foods chef, and is hard core - he even makes his own raw chocolate chips!!! In his recipe he used cashew flour and oat flour. In mine, I used almond meal and ground oats. For the chips, I used Enjoy Life dairy, nut and soy free, vegan, mini, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

So, basically, the recipe consisted of mixing the oat flour, almond meal, raw cacao powder, water, maple syrup (which isn't raw, but, hey that's ok), vanilla, sea salt and the chips.
I shaped the cookies and put them on to the dehydrator sheets and let them go overnight at 105 degrees.
The result was a pretty yummy treat. I do have to say that the oat flour was a bit strong tasting. When I make these again, I'll try to use cashew flour and actually make the oat flour from raw oat flakes instead of from raw oats.
Gearing up for the 7 day raw food challenge which starts next week!!!!!!