The chronicles of adding raw food to my diet

On this blog, I'll post about the transition to a more raw food based diet. Check back often for posts on raw foods that I'm eating!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sesame Turnip Chips

CSA season is in full swing and so I expect to pick up on my blogging. Here's a quick recipe for raw, dehydrated Turnip chips.
The turnip is an interesting veggie...both the root and the green are edible. The root is packed w.Vitamin C and the green is high in Vitamins A, C, and K, Folate and Calcium (as most dark greens are). Turnip greens are also a great source of fiber and have a small bit of protein....

I got some great small, white turnips called Haruki turnips from my CSA at Newton Community Farm. They are yummy, with a fairly mild flavor. I figured they'd be nice to dehydrate. So I whipped out my spiralizer and went to town....
I used the flat blade of my Paderno spirilazer to make some thin turnip curls:

I made a marinade of unrefined sesame oil, Nama Shoyu, fresh lemon juice and a bit of agave, and let the turnips marinate in it for about an hour before dehydrating.
I dehydrated the turnips at 105 degrees overnight and here was the result:
Yummy, crunchy sesame flavored turnip chips. They were great as a snack but they were even better topped on salad. Delish :)
Try something raw today!