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Friday, July 15, 2011

Raspberry Lime Rickey

Fresh raspberries are now in season, so I couldn't resist cleaning up a diner favorite, the Raspberry Lime Rickey, which is usually loaded with syrupy sweet raspberry flavoring.
I'm not sure what the stance is on drinking seltzer water on a raw foods diet....we have the Soda Stream which carbonates water. I am 100% dead against drinking soda, but seltzer I like. So we use the SodaStream to make carbonated water only!!
I started with a pint of Stillman's amazing raspberries and processed them in my BlendTec blender with the second ingredient, Agave syrup, to sweeten it up.
I strained the puree to get out any bits and pieces of seeds that were left behind. Look at this glorious color!
I squeezed some lime juice with my trusty "MightyOJ" juicer. It works like a charm! Not sure how old it is, but it must be some where around 30 yrs old? What's that saying...if it's not broken, why try to fix it??
Ok, so now to the drink. It was really trial and error with how much of the different ingredients to add; I added way too much lime juice right off the bat...think, less is more!! I ended up using more raspberry puree in each drink than I thought I was going to....but the drink was SO delicious and visually appealing as well. Check it out:
Yummy and so refreshing, especially on 90+ degree hot summer days!!!
Try something raw today!

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