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Saturday, March 27, 2010

7 Day Raw Food Challenge

I wanted to share this with you, but with a disclaimer - I am in NO WAY affiliated with the people bringing you this challenge, other than LOVING their health show, the Renegade Health show on YouTube. Their names are Kevin and AnneMarie Gianni, and they are awesome. I have their link on the left side of this blog so please check them out. They are a great source of information on raw foods, vegan eating, health, fitness and general well being. They have interviewed some heavy hitters in the health and fitness field and have great energy.
Anyways, they are doing a 7 day raw food challenge, which is a great way to get introduced to raw foods and it's also a great way to re-commit to raw foods, if you've slipped off the wagon, so to speak. Their plan includes a 96 page booklet, which details raw food nutrition, includes the plan, as well as includes the recipes and shopping lists for the plan. Also included are 2 coaching calls over the 7 days, which you can call into on Day 1 and Day 3 (I think those are the correct days)...that's pretty cool - a plan that offers support.
7 days is not a long time at all, and so if you're interested in what raw food nutrition is all about, than maybe this is for you.
Here's a link:
7 Day Raw Food Challenge

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