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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sprouted Chickpea Hummus

I wanted to post a quick note about using the sprouted chickpeas from my last post.
I ate some of them on salad and the rest I made into hummus.

Here's a pic of the chick peas - look at their tails :)

For the hummus I pureed the sprouted chickpeas, sesame tahini (which is sesame seed paste), garlic, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and I also added in nutritional yeast and sea salt. It was delectable.
I ate it on salad. topped with Hemp seeds. Hemp is a great source of your essential fatty acids (omegas) as well as protein. Here's some nutritional stats:
In 3 TBS there are:
174 calories
14g fat w/only 1g saturated and 7.5g Omega-6, 3.0g Omega-3, 0.6g Super Omega-6 and 0.3g Super Omega-3 SDA
2g Total carb (1g fiber, <1g sugar)
11g protein!! In 3 TBS!! Amazing!

Here's the hummus - it was thick and hearty enough to be a meal....
Enjoy - try something raw today!

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  1. I tried raw hummus before with chickpeas that I soaked and sprouted. But I found that the chickpeas had a strong metallic taste to them. Did I do something wrong? They were not tasty at all!