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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recreating "goraw's" Ginger Snap

Now here's a raw food I am totally excited about being able to's the ginger snap, recreated from the brand "goraw"....when I first tried this little cookie I said to myself, I need to figure out how to make it. I was thinking it would not be too hard, since there are only 4 ingredients: ginger, coconut, dates and sesame seeds.

So, I took a shot at it....
I figured that the ginger in the cookie came from ginger juice. The cookies have a real pronounced ginger flavor that tastes fresh and not from powdered ginger. I juiced some in my juicer.
Next, I processed some dates in the food processor....
I transferred the dates to a bowl, and added in the ginger juice, coconut and sesame seeds, then mixed until it was homogeneous.
Now, this was trial and error and I really didn't measure out anything...I just did it by feel, look and taste.
Next came time to recreate the cute little round shape that the goraw brand has for their cookies. I used the smallest biscuit cutter that I have.
They went into the dehydrator @ 105 for 12 hrs.
Here is the final cookie:
So, not sure if you've ever seen the goraw brand that I'm referring to, but this was a pretty good recreation of their ginger snap. Some changes I'd make when making them again are 1) add more ginger juice and 2) add less sesame seeds....they were very yummy, and I'm glad to be able to make them myself (they are quite expensive :) ).....

Enjoy and try something raw today!


  1. Thanks for sharing! What is the first picture?

  2. Hi!I found you through face book on raw food naturals.I love recipes like this one easy and no extravagant tools needed!Thanks!I am now a follower!=)

  3. Thanks everyone - that first picture is the ginger juice that came from my juicer.

    Please feel free to check out my facebook page - its Thyme To Cook Personal Chef Service...I post lots of health, nutrition, fitness and raw food info...
    :) thanks!!!